Streamlining Drupal Development

I really appreciate the idea of streamlining Drupal. During my experience deploying sites using various cms's i realized in comparison how much extra time Drupal requires just to get the essential functionality in place that the typical site would need. I have since implemented my own Drupal recipes and use tools like drush and plan to make use of shared configs, profiles along with git. I have a few big projects ahead and can't wait to put some more efficient practices to use.

An informative article about it is below:

Drupal Excitement

As a big fan of Drupal, I am excited to know that Drupal 8 will be packed with new features and include of some invaluable modules like views in its core. Also witnessing Drupal move from procedural PHP architecture to more OOP is great news too. Its comforting to know that such a powerful web publishing tool is constantly improving! I have played around with the beta releases but can't wait till a stable version is out so that I can use it in production!